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County Chiropractic Centre Reviews

Doctor with BabyWhat Our Wellington and Picton Clients Say

At County Chiropractic Centre we love when clients share with us their feedback and comments after chiropractic care. Please read our client testimonials below to see what other people have achieved through their tailored treatment plans with us.

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What a Relief!

Reflexology has practically eliminated my hot flashes!! I was on HRT for 2 years because they were unbearable. My doctor and I had decided 2 years would be the maximum amount of time I would stay on it. I began seeing Julie and for a full year now I have been medication free with almost no hot flashes. What a relief!

– Rachel

Made Me Feel a Priority

Tanner made me feel a priority in assisting with the pain and discomfort I have been having. Asking if I was okay, during the process, and telling me step by step making sure I knew what he was doing. I would recommend him to anyone and I did as soon as left the building.

– Darlene G.

Very Informative and Helpful

Angela was very informative and helpful. Being a new patient in dire need of help they fit me right in. She was welcoming, pleasant and kind. Holly was extremely knowledgeable and brought a better understanding to what was happening with my back. I walked away feeling better not only physically but also in a calmer state. I am looking forward to returning and will most certainly be recommending to friends and family.

– Mac B.

Pleasant and Welcoming

I found the receptionist to be pleasant and welcoming. I was very happy with how Dr Heather did my initial consultation and my first adjustment. She was very knowledgeable and explained everything very well and she’s kind and I look forward to continuing to work with her.

– Amy M.

Patient and Kind

I had never been to a chiropractor before as I didn’t understand what they did. After trying many forms of therapy and exercises, I decided to give it a try to help with my neck pain. The staff at County Chiropractic Centre were so welcoming that I instantly felt reassured. Dr. Heather was patient, kind and took the time to explain the process and ensure I was comfortable. For the first time in years, I don’t have constant neck pain, I’m standing up more straight and I feel close to normal. I am SO happy I came to see Dr. Heather and will recommend her again and again.

– Beth C.

Very Helpful

I am very happy to say that I am glad to have Heather as my chiropractor. She is very helpful with my problems that I have with my back and my neck. And today she’s introduced me to a new type of treatment which I will let her know how it works out next time I visit them. If you’re looking for a chiropractor that knows her stuff and is more than willing to listen come and see Heather.

– Edwin M.

Pregnancy & Pediatric Chiropractic

Heather was my chiropractor throughout my pregnancy and now adjusted both myself and my baby girl. She used the Webster Technique. I found this so beneficial for discomfort and the changes I faced in each trimester. I’m so happy that my child will have been getting adjustment since birth. I truly feel this will be the best start to a well-adjusted lifestyle. I would thoroughly recommend chiropractic to friends and family.

– Lyndsey-Dee U.

Holistic Approach

Thank you Heather for picking me up one down, being a total replacement for my leaving chiropractor and all the advice in between. I took your advice and moved me on from the rut I was in. You took a holistic approach. I now have improved bowels, flexibility, and overall wellness. Keep thinking outside the box.

– Gilles B.

Low Back Pain

I had back pain in my lower back and had tried chiropractic care a few years ago with not much of a result, but I thought I would give it another go. I met with Dr. Heather and clicked immediately (literally too!) My lower back pain has almost gone under her care and I would definitely recommend her. She is really friendly and feels like she has my best interest at heart.

– Ruth S.

Pain Throughout Body

Having suffered from discomfort in my hip, shoulders, neck and knee for 20+ years I was recommended by a friend. I had seen numerous physiotherapist and an osteopath with varying degrees of success yet nothing appeared to resolve the issues, resulting in my taking paracetamol/ibuprofen on a daily basis. I had no particular preconceptions about chiropractic treatment and after so many years it seemed the next step to take and one which I had wish I had taken a lot sooner. I was met with a friendly, knowledgeable, professional practice and an invested and supportive chiropractor in the form of Dr. Heather. Over the following weeks my flexibility improved to the point I can now touch my toes, and have experienced significantly less discomfort particularly in my neck and shoulders which would be regularly pinched at various points which occurs rarely now. I’m glad I took up the recommendations as it has been worthwhile and had positive affect on the issues I experienced.

– Jamie L.

Help After Crossfit Injury

I originally came to Heather because of a CrossFit injury. Couldn’t recommend Heather enough. From the initial pain recovery and ongoing maintenance she has been excellent. I’m very active and put a lot of stress on my body but the year I have been with Heather my back and neck have never felt better.

– Brett R.


My wife and children have a coming for adjustment for many years. I was not hopeful it could help me. I was never able to cross my legs, I was told I had arthritis so chiropractic can not help! To take drugs. However on holiday I was in so much pain it stopped me walking. So I came. Even though I came for my hip, and help me walking, which has been successful, I have also gained neck control and no longer get pain. It has also help me sleep better. So this is our family wife, me, and kids come to get our adjustments on a 3 to 4 weekly basis for ever it is our routine and way of life. Thank you.

– Paul N.

Help with Motor Tics

I brought my daughter to see Heather as she developed involuntary motor tics at the age of seven. This involved my daughter making erratic movements often hurting herself as a result. The GP and pediatrician stated that there was no treatment to help. I’d read that chiropractors may be able to help, and so I visited Heather. She immediately put Maya at ease, explained everything to her. We initially saw Heather every week and after two months the number of “tics” had subsided. At one point they stopped completely for 2 to 3 months. We were both so happy, sessions became less frequent (which disappointed may as she loves to come). We have now seen Heather for over year and could not be happier with the outcome. There has been noticeable improvement and a lot less pain for Maya.

– Mya S.

Neck & Back Pain

I attended originally due to my neck/back pain due to minor injuries. Long-term over use and misuse (military and construction) have left problems. Heather and her colleagues have repaired me, returned me to a normal life and then continued to do so, with two weekly maintenance adjustments. I bring along new problems, not always in the chiropractic sphere, which she helps with and advises on, always to my benefit. I know I would feel near constant discomfort or pain if I were not bent back into shape by Heather, and am very pleased and grateful for her treatment.

– Ray K.

Wonderful Chiropractor

Dr. Heather is not only a wonderful chiropractor, but she’s become one of the family! Since our usual chiropractor left a year ago Heather took the place with ease, now my grandparents, parents, sister, husband and daughter come to get the benefits Heather provides with her adjustments as well as other extended members of my family.

– Kelly P.

Whiplash Injuries

I have received chiropractic care for 10 years, the last three with Dr. Heather McDowell. In 1984 and 1995 I receive whiplash injuries to my neck and mid thoracic area resulting in asthma and severe migraines. I also have a hip injury from a horse riding accident. All are greatly improved. Dr. Heather has a holistic approach to her care. She takes time to listen to and assess changes since the previous treatment. This includes well-being as well as physical needs allowing her to identify areas that may have increased stress. She is a warm and caring professional who is easy to relate to. I believe regular adjustments help my body heal faster, reduce the number of sporting injuries and would recommend chiropractic care for all groups.

– Gillian A.

Back Pain Management

I like the strength of Heather’s technique which enables me to manage my back pain well. She is sensitive to how my alignment varies, treating my neck, hands and knees when appropriate. I have recommended several friends to Heather’s care because of the thoroughness and flexibility of her approach. She has helped me listen to my body. However Heather is more than a skillful chiropractor. Her people skills are outstanding. She is interested in my overall well-being and takes a sincere and professional interest in the challenges I face in my every day life. Her approach is holistic.

– Jill S.


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