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Reviews Continued

Pinched Nerve Help

I came to Dr. Heather at the recommendation of a friend of mine. I was in great pain from a pinched nerve. I had never had back problems before and was desperate to get it sorted out. It was really easy to make an appointment and we were warmly welcomed when we arrived. I was very nervous at first and did not know what to expect, but Dr. Heather examined me thoroughly and explained what she was doing, and how she would be able to help me. I am well on the road to recovery now, pain free, much more mobile, and I will probably be able to stop my pain medications altogether. Dr. Heather has worked wonders for me, she is very skilled and has a gentle but sure touch. I would recommend her to anyone who would like to take care of their back.

– Deborah C.

First Class Care

I have received first class care from Heather over the past few years. My regular appointments for treatment has helped to relieve my back and shoulder pain associated with my job. Heather is very professional and great with her clients. She has treated other family members and has always provided great chiropractic care.

– Simon G.

Virtually Pain Free

From the first appointment this was a partnership. My problems were long-standing and I’d often felt dismissed in the past. Heather listened and questioned carefully, then came up with a program to suit my needs. What a success. Three months later I’m virtually pain free and walking miles. Can’t thank you enough!

– Jackie C.

Caring Doctor

Dr. Heather has been treating my family and I for a number of years. Heather is very caring has a great friendly manner and is brilliant with children. Heather has been instrumental in improving my well being, not only providing hands-on chiropractic but providing health and wellness advice when appropriate for the benefit of me and my family.

– Beth H.

Improved Health

Dr. Heather has been treating my symptoms for quite a few years now. Initially, had very severe symptoms from a chronic illness. Dr. Heather was always able to find the right areas to treat and adjust accordingly. After each adjustment I always felt so much better and ready to “take on the world.” I would recommend any chiropractic treatment first as opposed to the medication route. My health has improved considerably with only periodic adjustments required now.

– Angela R.

Highly Recommend

Heather has provided excellent chiropractic care to my husband and I while she has been working in Newcastle. On a personal and professional level I can’t recommend her highly enough. Newcastle’s loss is definitely Canada’s gain and we wish her all the best for the future.

– Madeleine J.

Shoulder & Back Pain

I’ve been seeing Heather for quite a while now having suffered from a bad shoulder/back initially and I find the ongoing adjustments just keep everything in check. Heather just knows when something has happened recently that gets things out of alignment. I would totally recommend her. Friendly and professional adjustments.

– Claire T.

Improved Health

I came with my mom but we both have improved our healthy. Dan-playing football i used to get back pain when I used to do my “throw-ins.” My mom said it was due to my hypermobility but coming to get adjustments i no longer get pain. Jenna-swimming and walking i used to get hip pain, think I was taking after my mom. Frightened I would get that bad. When out and about the pain would get so bad I would want to ‘clunk’ it back in. Since getting regular adjustments this pain has stopped and just maybe I can prevent being like my mom. But if I do she has stopped getting pain now she comes to Chiropractic.

– Daniel and Jenna N.

Relieves Pain and Tension

We have been coming for chiropractic treatment for number of years. We find it helps relieve not only aches and pains but tension and stress. At times it is also helped an emotional release during a significantly challenging period in our life. We value the advice and care Heather has given us as well as the “almighty adjustments” (with sound effects). We would recommend chiropractic care to anyone who may be experiencing any physical or mental pressures.

– Sophie and Nass

Best Decision I’ve Ever Made

Was diagnosed with A.S., told to take medication to stop the pain but with a lot of side effects affecting my life. So much I was crying unable to get in and out of bed/chairs. The doctors advised against chiropractic treatment but I was out of choices. The best decision I have made. The worse day I have is a little discomfort but nothing Paracetamol or heat pack can not handle. This is a life long visit I feel will keep me healthy. I have been discharged from my specialist consultant, all medications and blood test stopped. The consultant states I have improved greatly but unclear why. Well I do, it is because of regular adjustments. Thank you.

– Michelle N.

Sciatica Pain

I met Heather when Meagan left and became friends. I started to suffer with pain in my bottom, which turned out to be sciatica. After numerous visits Heather got me back to myself again, which I couldn’t believe would happened. I will be forever grateful for her time and patience with me.

– Deb F.

Friendly, Caring Doctor

Heather has always been very friendly in my time in her care. She is always willing to take the extra time to diagnose/treat any specific issues I had above and beyond the routine adjustment I was in for, and often had helpful tips for general well-being.

– Stuart T.

Pain Relief

Dr. Heather McDowell has really help me with pain relief and freeing my tight joints and giving me a better range in mobility. I have always loved the pressure she has given to free my joints. Over the years I have been to several different chiropractors and for what suits me, Dr. Heather McDowell has been the best chiropractor so far.

– Jennifer S.

Back Pain After Pregnancy

I met Heather at a county show where she was giving free assessments. At the time I was really struggling with my back following the birth of my daughter. Heather said she would “get me well” and this is exactly what she’s done. When I started seeing Heather I couldn’t lift or carry my baby and was in constant discomfort. Over two years on I feel very little back pain, which is always resolved quickly at my next appointment and am able to enjoy a full and active life with my little girl. Can’t thank you enough and would thoroughly recommend to others.

– Becky S.


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