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New Clients at County Chiropractic Centre

Everyone who walks through our door is happily greeted by name. Our chiropractic assistants, have been waiting for you and are excited to welcome you! In our fun, family-friendly atmosphere, you’ll feel right at home. We’ll offer you herbal tea or water, and you can read the local newspaper. Essential oils are diffusing around you, contributing to our relaxing environment.

The First Visit

Your initial consultation will take about 30 minutes. Please wear comfortable clothing. When you arrive, Heather will introduce herself, then take you back to a private area for a full examination. Together, you’ll discuss your history and what has brought you to us. You’ll also learn about the stressors that cause interference in your nervous system. The next step will be an examination. It involves checking your posture, range of motion, orthopedic testing and feeling along your spine.

The Second Visit

Your second appointment will take about 15 minutes. You’ll sit down with Heather for a report of findings. This report shows you the results of your examination. You’ll receive Heather’s recommendations for your care. If you are ready to move forward, you’ll receive your first adjustment.

As you proceed with your care, you’ll receive lifestyle advice and at-home exercises from Heather.

Your Chiropractic Care Is Your Choice

When most of our clients begin seeing us, they’re in pain. As they get well, they want to stay that way. Many people start chiropractic care intending on stopping when they feel better. But they then realize that their function has improved, too. They choose to stay on for wellness care. You’re welcome to do so, though you can stop care at any point.

Book Your First Visit

If you’re ready to get started, we’re here for you! Contact County Chiropractic Centre today to schedule your first appointment with us!

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