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Pregnancy Chiropractic at County Chiropractic Centre

During pregnancy, a mom’s body experiences significant biomechanical and hormonal changes, so chiropractic care can help her adapt to those. Our primary goal at County Chiropractic Centre is to help Mom feel comfortable as her body changes throughout the pregnancy.

Adjustment on pregnant womanWhat Are Some Benefits?

Chiropractic care can naturally help women with aches and pains during pregnancy. Our drug-free care also may benefit Baby, as we can ensure that the sacrum and pelvis are in the right alignment so that the baby is in the optimal birth position. Chiropractic also may help women have easier delivery and labor.

A Resource for Moms-to-Be

As a mom herself, Dr. Heather can provide guidance or advice to help moms navigate pregnancy. She can also offer some insight and resources, as many first time moms seek that information, as there’s a bit of nervousness of not knowing what to expect.

She sometimes lends clients books or refers them to get reflexology during their pregnancy. Dr. Heather also encourages her pregnant clients to see midwives in the area. She can also refer clients to a HypnoBirthing educator.

Frequency of Care

Recommendations vary based on whether you are a current or new client as well as depending on what trimester of your pregnancy that you are in.

The frequency of care may increase as you hit the 30-week mark to help alleviate discomfort associated with the baby growing and to help prepare for birth and labor.

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We want to help you have the healthy and joyous pregnancy you deserve. Contact us today to book an appointment!

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