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Julie Magee


Julie MageeJulie Magee is a Reflexology Therapist and Yoga Teacher established in Prince Edward County. As a Reflexology Therapist, with over twenty years experience, her knowledge and passion for self-care is continually evolving. Julie’s intention is to provide compassion and respect for her clients.

Julie has successfully treated pre and postnatal, depression, anxiety, digestive and musculoskeletal dis-ease. She trusts Reflexology resets the nervous system resulting in deep healing and a balanced mind-body. Julie completed her 200HR Yoga Teacher Training in 2009 and she is currently enrolled in her 300HR Yoga Teacher Training Advanced. Yoga has given Julie the tools to live with strength, balance and peace. Her teaching style incorporates a medley of yoga styles, including Yin, Hatha, Restorative and Vinyasa.

Julie is approachable and understanding, knowing that her students come to the mat for a variety of reasons. Julie co-owns Prince Edward County’s first online studio, more information can be found at  Her daily personal practice, engaging in trainings regularly and plenty of reading and restorative yoga support Julie in staying balanced, and committed to her personal mantra: less is more.


Julie Magee | (613) 399-1491